Sunday, 19 July 2015

Xiaomi launched Mi TV 2 S 48 inch screen Tv

China's famous smartphone making company xiaomi is now into television industry too. In an event held in China xiaomi has launched a television Mi TV 2S. Mi TV 2S has been launched in two different variants. One variant costs around 30,600 Rs. & another variant cost 41,000 RS. These two variants will be available in the market form 22nd July. Xiaomi yet not confirmed that they are going to launch this Television in India or not.

Xiaomi Mi TV 2 S 48 inch screen Tv launched

Company says that Mi TV 2S will give better clarity, color and better contrast. It has CineMate 1 SR theater speaker for great music experience.

Features of MI TV 2S

  • Mi TV 2S is only 9.9mm thick.
  • It has an aluminium frame.
  • Mi TV 2S has 48 inch screen
  • It can support 4k videos in 60fps
  • Wifi 802.11ac and Bluetooth V 4.1 LE
  • TV contains 2GB RAM & 8 GB internal memory.4
  • And Mi TV 2S is powered by android lollipop 5. 

Thursday, 2 July 2015

How to find Twitter Account setting easily!

If you are a noob in twitter and you want to update your twitter account setting then you will see everywhere in your profile but you will not find any direct (visible) option that will let you go to the settings. So here is the quick tip for you!

Find Twitter account setting Quickly.

First Login to Twitter then on the top of the Twitter you will see a bar where you can find notifications and messages , etc.

So just on that bar see to the right side and you will see a small icon with your profile picture, click on that and That's it! that's the Twitter Account Setting!

Also you can directly go to this link and you will go to Twitter Account settings or you can search on google For "Twitter Account Settings" and you will see the first link is for Twitter Account settings. That's it! Now Edit your Account Settings and have fun with Twitter.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

How to Disable USB ports on Windows via Registry

USB ports on your computer are useful for you but they are vulnerable too. If you want to prevent anyone from copying your data through USB ports and or to stop them spreading viruses through USB then you should Disable USB ports.

Note: If you are using USB mouse or USB keyboard then this will disable them also. So If you are using any of the USB connected devices then this will disable them also.

How to Disable USB ports :

1. Click on start and type Run or Directly press Windows Key + R to open Run.

2. Type Regedit and hit enter. It will launch a Registry editor.

3. Now simply navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\usbstor.

4. Double Click on Start and in the Value data box enter 4 and click on Ok.

5. Close the Registry editor and you will see the USB ports are disabled.

6. If you want to re-enable the USB ports then enter 3 in the Value Data box in step 5.

This will make your PC invulnerable from data theft and malware which usually spread from the USB ports. This works on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Wndows 8.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

How to Follow & unfollow in bulk on Twitter without any extension

Do you love twitter and also you loved to have so many peoples following you on the Twritter, then this article is perfectly for you! So today I will show you how to  Follow and Unfollow people on Twitter in bulk that too without any extensions or even without any paid services. This trick is completely free & you will Love this trick. Just Follow the Following steps.

How to Follow & Unfollow people in bulk on Twitter without any extension.

Step 1. First Go to Twitter & login with your account.

Step 2. A If you want to unfollow to people you are following then Click on Following ( A tab or link which shows how many people you are following. As shown in the image below.)

Step 2.B If you want to follow to people who are Following you  then Click on Followers ( A tab or link which shows how many people are following you. As shown in the image below.)

Step 3. On that page you will see the accounts you are following or who are following you as per your selection the previous step. Now scroll down and load as many people you can load on that page and then move to the next step.

Step 4. This step is the most important step so read and follow as I said exactly! In your address bar copy and paste the following code if you want to unfollow people
and if you want to follw people then copy and paste the following code.

And after pasting this code hit enter & just wait for a second and you will see every account that is on the page is being followed or unfollowed as per your selection in the Step 2.

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Friday, 8 May 2015

Now Tranfer money through Whatsapp!

If you are out at night and suddenly you found that you don't have money to pay anything then what will you do? Don't worry now there is no problem because there is a solution in your pocket no I am not talking about your Credit card or Debit Card but about Whatsapp. Yes you read it correctly Whatsapp! Now you can transfer money to your friends and family through whatsapp.

Country's [ India ] 3rd biggest private sector bank Axis bank  has started a new service. With this service you can transfer money through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and also with emails. Axis bank has started Ping pay service. Axis bank will be now competing with the ICICI bank's  Bank pocket and HDFC bank's Chillar like services.

The CEO of Axis bank Mr. Rajiv Anad said about this service that with this application not only you can demand money but also you can send money too. And also This service works faster than anyother bank's service.

He said that in other banks you have to wait at least 30 Minutes to complete your transaction, whereas Ping pay takes less time as compared with them.

You can transfer Rs. 50,000/- in one day with Ping pay. To use this service one has to log in through his social account then he has to chose the person to send money. Then the person you chosed will receive a link and has to download Ping pay Application and have to give his bank details. After this the money will be transferred to the person's account but again there is restriction! To be able to use this service both parties must have their account in Axis Bank.

Monday, 4 May 2015

How to Increase YouTube Views for Free

First thing you can do to increase YouTube views is by adding proper title and description of that video. Then there are plenty of things you can do like :

Sharing your video on Facebook and Twitter

If You or any of your friend is owning any Facebook page or Group then you can request him to share it there. Especially share your video on the Facebook page not on group because Facebook groups are not much active.

You can also share on twitter and get huge amount of views but you may need good amount of followers or else you have to tweet your video link to the people who have huge follower base.

Share your video on Pinterest

If you don't know then let me tell you that Pinterest also accepts videos. So add videos from YouTube by just copying and pasting that videos link.

Share on your Blog/Website.

If you own any website or Blog then share your video by embedding it into your site. If your site receives good amount of Traffic then it will be great views booster for your YouTube videos.

Share Videos on Online Communities

Now there are so many communities out there on the internet just share your video there but please don't spam otherwise you will be removed from that community and you may not share more videos to that community and you will lose your potential YouTube views.

Share YouTube Link to your Friends on Whatsapp

Nowadays almost everyone has a Whatsapp or the similar messengers just share your YouTube link there with your friends and ask them to share it wit others.

Make Viral Videos

image source
Make Viral videos which are either too funny or too emotional or which will give a message to the society. People now days want to show them as a most knowledgeable person than anyone so they will share your video. Also there are so many webmasters who are in search of these kinds of videos, If people are not sharing your video then these webmasters will share and ultimately their followers will share your video.

Other Social Bookmarking sites

image source
There are so many social Bookmarking sites who allows you to share your YouTube videos. Just find them and do share. Sites like Reddit and Digg.

These are some Best and Easy Free ways to Increase YouTube views, I know You people may also know some more if you know then please let use know with your comments and also If you have any doubt or suggestions then comment below I will definitely help you! 

Friday, 1 May 2015

10 Amazing Tech Innovations that will amaze you

These are the 10 most Amazing tech innovations will definitely amaze you.

1.  Mind-reading and memory recording MRI scan

A US-based neurotechnology startup became the first company to commercialise the recording and storing of human thoughts

2. Smart contact lenses

A smart contact lens that can monitor the glucose levels of diabetes sufferers was developed by Google.

3. A camera that can record the movement of light

A camera that captures light at 4.4 trillion frames per second was invented by researchers in Japan, setting a record for the world's fastest camera. 

4. Invisibility cloaks created with laser-stitching

Scientists at the University of Cambridge developed a new method to manufacture invisible "metamaterials" using lasers, leading to the possibility of invisibility cloaks.

5. Printable, bendable batteries

A flexible, long-lasting rechargeable battery that holds the potential to transform wearable devices was developed by a California-based startup.

6. Solar-panel windows

Reasearchers at  Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of Milano-Bicocca embedded quantum dots into glass to create transparent solar cells.

7. Smartglasses for the blind

Smartglasses designed to assist blind and partially sighted people by using a specially adapted 3D camera were developed by researchers at the university of Oxford.

8. Shape-changing robot

Engineers from Cornell and Harvard Universities created a shape-changing robot to be used in extreme conditions in ways robots never could be used before.

9. Bionic plant

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed the world's first bionic plant in March, capable of replicating and even improving upon a plant's natural ability to photosynthesise. Carbon nanotubes (orange) embedded in the chloroplast of a leaf.

10. Smart expiry label

A London-based student developed a bio-reactive expiry label that decays at the same rate as food.

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