Tuesday, 24 December 2013

How to remove any nasty virus From your Pen drive easily

Virus is a big issue for every computer user. If you are using any antivirus software then you don't have to take much tension but what if you don't have one? So here is my technique to remove any nasty virus from your  pen drive.

How to remove any nasty Virus from your Pen drive.

First open Pen drive. Then press Windows + R and type CMD and hit Enter. Then type Location of your Pen drive for e.g. F:\ or J:\  . You can find it just by clicking once on the address bar [Remember first open pen drive location then click and copy].

click here - How to remove any nasty virus from computer

After that copy that address and paste in cmd and hit enter. 
Then type  attrib -r -a -s -h *.*  in CMD and hit Enter. This will unhide every file and folder from Pen drive. Then find any autorun.inf file there.Once you got that remove it(Shift + Delete). And now you are ready to remove that nasty virus and other infected files. Enjoy!



  1. Wow. Thanks this works for me

    1. Thanks for your reply. And ya buy any antivirus to completely secure your Machine


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