Friday, 11 April 2014

Download Facebook Videos With this simple trick

Some videos are really awesome. And people like to share them on Facebook but Facebook is not allowing you to download them. So here is an easy trick to download videos from Facebook easily. Just read this trick.

Download Facebook Videos with this simple trick.

Step 1

First right click on that video and copy the link address.

Step 2

Then Go to this site -


 just simply put Down just before the "" , which is the link of that video.

 For e.g.   The video link is

Now add Down before the facebook and your link will look like this


Now just load that link in your browser and follow the instructions to download video from Facebook.

Step 3

Download Facebook videos Now a new page will be opened and now on right side of the page you will see the video and on the left side of the site you will see the links to download that videos, which are same like this.
Now just right click on that link and click on save link as and chose destination folder and save that video.

Now you are done! Enjoy your favorite video. If you like this trick then please share it on Facebook or with your friends :).


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